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Macromolecule alloy cable tray

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Macromolecule Alloy Cable Tray

Product Introduction

     Macromolecule alloy cable tray is a new paragon of replacing steel with plastics after PVC fire­resistant cable trough in Electrical application engineer field. It has good physical properties and chemical properties, also possess the good features of PVC like fire-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali­resistant. Based on UL568 standard, it is made from a special high molecular material and mixed with functional additives containing other features. It's widely used in Europe and America, and developed countries and regions in Southeast Asia for its energy conservation and environment protection nature.
    For its outstanding features and low cost, macromolecule alloy cable tray is approved and applied in different fields and industry. In developed countries and regions, it commonly used in the field of subway, mining, metallurgy, communication, oil, chemical engineering, coal, textiles, electricity, mechanical, transportation, shipping, water treatment, paper-making, civil building, industrial workshop, new energy PV and wind power project, etc.
    The channel-type of Macromolecule alloy cable tray is fully closed model. It is suit for lay of computer, telecommunication cable, power cable etc. and specially suit for protecting cables in heavy corrosion environment. Ladder type and tray type cable tray is made based on improved foreign-related technology, it has light weight, heavy duty, unique shape and other characteristics, suitable for general large diameter power cable's layout.
    Macromolecule alloy cable tray is designed to suit different application scenario, which is accord with the advocated policy of Replacing steel with plastics, Energy-saving and cost-reducing, Environmental protecting. Under innovative and advanced design concept, Macromolecule alloy cable tray will be the priority choice in constructional engineering in near feature and have bright market prospect.

Innovative Concept

   With global climate change continues, environmental consciousness constantly enhanced among citizen; with rapid development of economy and modernization construction of our country, the national strategy turns to favor of Low-carbon and cyclic economy, which will push the traditional energy dissipation product to be improved and replace.
   Therefore, after done sufficient research, we developed Macromolecule alloy cable tray and put into production. The manufacture process is first mix PVC, ABS, PS etc. unsaturated polyester resin and variety of polymer and high molecular resin with flame retardant chemical additives, then plasticizing the material, finally extrusion molding or injection molding, shaping and cutting. Its physical and mechanical features are better than metal cable tray. It will be the priority choice to replace metal cable tray in 21th century.
   For its special design, macromolecule alloy cable tray is decorative and flexible. The installation is much less complicated than steel cable tray installation and need less fittings which will greatly improve efficiency and reduce cost.
   Macromolecule ally cable tray has slot type, bore type and ladder type. It is combined by two part: baseboard and cover. Baseboard is in U shape for containing cable and it is hollow plate design which will enhance load capacity and reduce product weight. Cover can be monolayer or double-layer. There is snap joint on baseboard and cover to connect each other. This design is easy to close and open, convenient for installation and maintenance, repair and technical reforming.

Application Fields

   For its exclusive features of good insulating, corrosion resistance, high oxygen index, and long service life, etc, macromolecule alloy cable tray is approved and applied in different fields and industry, such as civil building, subway, mining, port, oil, chemical engineering, coal, textiles, electricity, mechanical, transportation, shipping, water treatment, pharmaceutical factory, paper-making, civil building, industrial workshop, new energy PV and wind power project, etc.


Subway is underground and densely populated area, so facilities inside are need to be reliable. In airless underground environment, macromolecule ally cable tray can be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, and dust-proof etc. The structure can also form air flow to adjust temperature and bring out water vapor.

Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical engineering is usually carried out in outdoor and extremely hostile environment perennially. The climate changing requires products to be high temperature resistance, low temperature resistant, aging resistance under strong UV light, anti-static and strong durability. Macromolecule ally cable tray has as UV-resistant, antioxidant and anti-static additives mixed in the material to enhance durability and safety.


Since ships are always on sea, it will be slowly corroded by ocean climate and seawater. Our product is light, moisture-resistant, anti-corrosion and anti-static and can be applied on surface, suiting for be used in ships.


Mining is usually processed in airtight environment, so the construction material need to extremely high standard. Our product is insulated and can reach the standard of "National Mining tube MT-5582-2005", so as to meet the high requirement of mining use.

Property Superiority

Macromolecule ally cable tray itself is insulated, anti-corrosion, flame-retardant and weather resistant, but added with functional additives, it can obtain different features. It contains the good features of hot dip galvanized cable tray, aluminum alloy cable tray, FRP cable tray, etc, also macromolecule ally cable tray is recyclable and energy conservation and environment protection.


Replacing Steel With Plastics,Energy-saving And Cost-reducing

Macromolecule ally cable tray manufacture need less process than traditional steel cable tray manufacture; save labor cost and power source during loading, transportation and installation; save user' cost since it is maintenance-free .

Hollow Plate Design

Macromolecule ally cable tray plate is hollow design, which not only lighten the product weight, but also enhances the bearing capacity and makes the impact resistance, ductibility and intensity of the product better than metal product. Hollow design also has cooling effect to prevent heat from outside transfer to the cable inside the cable tray, so that the cable layer won't be melt by too much heat by any chance and prevent electric leakage.

Insulated, No Current Vortex

The material of Macromolecule ally cable tray is of high quality insulated material. Cable inside cable tray will not produce produce magnetic field effect or current vortex, so as to avoid current vortex causing the cable generates more heat and loss electrical current.

Anti-corrosion, Anti-aging

Macromolecule ally cable tray has overcame the defect of easy to rust and corrosion like metal cable tray. The antiseptic material mixing with functional additives makes the product more aging resistant and suitable for applying in different climates and other special corrosive environments.

Anti-abrasion, Moth-proof

Due to Macromolecule ally cable tray is made by thermoplastic material, the plate surface is very smooth, so the cable inside will not be scratched by corner angle or burr. The material itself has natural resistant to ant, insect, rat, etc, also its stable and seamless molecular structure can prevent microorganism's adhesion and derivation, so as to prevent corrosion caused by worm.

Flame Retardant, Smoke Suppression, Anti-static

Macromolecule ally cable tray accords with nonflammable material requirement. Product flame resistance reach leave 1 of GB20286-2006; burning behavior reach leave B1 of GB8624-2012, meets the requirement for building material. Product can withstand 90°C temperature in short time, so even if accident or fire happened, it can reduce the possibility of electrical damage and lost caused by secondary accident.
According to "National Mining tube MT-5582-2005", we can also design specialized anti-static cable tray to meet customs' requirement.

Decorative, Light Weight, Easy Installation

Macromolecule ally cable tray has smooth lines and shape and varied colors, makes it very decorative. Hollow plate design makes it light in weight, about 1.5 specific weight is much less the 7.8 specific weight of traditional steel cable tray. During installation, no need of large-scale crane, welding or incising. Standard 4 meter length can save installation time and reduce resources waste.

Durable Service, Maintenance-free

Made from unique formula and innovated technics gives macromolecule ally cable tray antioxidative and weather resistance features. Although no need of maintenance, its service life is 5-8 times longer than traditional cable tray.

Environment Protecting, Recyclable

Macromolecule alloy cable tray installation no need of welding or incising devices which produce spark. Environmentally friendly and reusable, meets environmental protection and achieve circular economy.

Performance Index

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Product Model

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