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Polymer Sheet Pile

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Polymer Sheet Pile

Product introduction

Up to now, the traditional dam construction way has many defects by using mood, rock, cement and steel as retaining wall or seawall because of long work-period, weather effect and raising construction cost due to raising cost of labor. Now the old dam construction way has gradually replaced by using polymer sheet pile which had been widely used in the field of water conservancy project, coast and port construction in US and many European countries. It has many features like green, energy conservation, ecological protection, low cost, easy installation, short work-period, elegant appearance and reusable, etc. Our company has successfully developed Z­type and n -type polymer sheet pile according to US and European country standard.


Polymer sheet pile is produced by extrusion molding and is made from advance green formula, using high polymer material as main material to mix with functional chemical additives. It has good weather resistance, durability, outstanding shock resistance and corrosion resistance, adaptability to immersing in seawater, etc quality which is specially suitable for using in coastal region. The polymer sheet pile has Z-type and n -type, and every piece has independent T and C connector to connect two pieces or more.
The polymer sheet pile is designed with a reinforcing rib and its thickness is designed according to Europeans and US standard. This design will not only enhance loading capacity, but also makes the product more flexible.  

Main technical parameters

Product specifications and models

Polymer sheet pile has rub groove and T shape connector in two ends which will enable two or more polymer sheet piles to be connected with each other. After being connected, the polymer sheet piles are more stable and fitting to building foundation ditch or bank, so as to enhance anti-permeability.


Polymer sheet pile is efficiently applied in the fields of irrigation and water conservancy, dam, and building construction, etc because of its technical and economic advantages and 50 years service life. On condition of assuring construction quality, CHS-Z polymer sheet pile has many advantages compare to traditional material like concrete wall or mood wall. Polymer sheet pile can be large-scale industrial production , and it is easy install(manual or by machine), high efficient, short work-period(a thirtieth of traditional dam building work-period ), and operation won't be affected by weather.
Polymer sheet pile project is a national strategic emerging industry, a project benefits nation and people, and its social benefit is remarkable. Meanwhile, it is a booming industry that has national policy support and large market demand; a project of bright prospect and big economic benefit.


Installation method

By hand

On weak soil, polymer sheet pile can be drive into soil by hammer or handheld vibrator. But the limitation is the depth in the soil, because it is depend on the worker's strength.

By machine: three methods

1. Using excavator to press polymer sheet pile. Under help of mood pile and iron stand, polymer sheet pile can be neatly arranged. Good accuracy and enough depth can meet different project needs.
2. Using switched pounding head of excavator to ham polymer sheet pile.
3. Using switched hydraulic vibration hammer to press polymer sheet pile.

For above installation, water torch is suggested to fasten progress.

nstallation notice: you'd better test the soil and according to the soil structure to choose appropriate method and equipment to install the polymer sheet pile. Meanwhile you should also choose the right specification of polymer sheet pile and how deep you need it into soil, so that to make the installation more efficient and standard.

Installation method

Application range

Polymer sheet pile are widely used in the field of water conservancy and irrigation project, construction of seawall, dam, fence, municipal engineering, pool, pond, aquaculture, buildings, transportation, port, dock, garden, makeshift house and factory, etc.
Function in application fields:
water conservancy and irrigation project: water retaining and convey canal for pond; retaining wall for river; anti-permeable, reinforce, vertical wall, revetment for lake and reservoir; anti-permeable for canal.
Garden renovation and reconstruction: artificial lake, river-way, reservoir, bottom liner of golf course pond, revetment, water and moisture proofing for lawn, etc.
City construction project: retaining wall for preventing collapse, makeshift house, water proof and collapse preventing for underground garage, water supply and drainage canal, indoor pool, port and dock, etc. Using polymer sheet pile will be a historical change in field of architecture.
Ocean resource development: China has 18000km of coastline. Within territorial waters are countless unknown barrier reef, we can use polymer sheet pile to circle them to build airport, military base, port and pier, storage house for oil, fishery and process base, etc. It can play a key role in developing those barrier reef.
Disaster prevention and rescue: preventing natural disaster is the cardinal task for mankind.Application of polymer sheet pile in building dam, resisting hand storm and debris flow, preventing flood, collapse, snow slide has great effect, and bring down the lost caused by natural disaster.

Application examples